Spring Upcycled Ladder Planter
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Abbey DeHart
Monday, April 17, 2017

Project Steps

This post is sponsored by HomeRight, all thoughts, words ,and opinions are my own. Last week I shared with you my Farmhouse Shed Makeover, that was quite an undertaking!! Today I wanted to show you how I started decorating the outside of the shed with this Spring Upcycled Ladder Planter! The previous owners had left an old ladder with baskets on the front of the house. I knew I wanted to do something with it someday, so I saved it and found the perfect place for it on the side of our shed!! See how I took about an one hour to turn an old ladder into this fun planter for under $30. Supplies Needed:HomeRight Max Sprayer Stain (Minwax Classic Gray used for this project) Paintbrush Pot Holders with hardware Drill Pots and Flowers/Soil

How to:

I started with this old wooden ladder leaning up against the side of the front of our house... I started by cleaning it off really well and then set up my HomeRight Finish Max Sprayer with my stain inside. You don't need to thin the stain down for this unlike when you use this tool for painting. Then I laid down a drop cloth and got to spraying. It comes out really easily, so I used my paint brush to help level off some areas with the brush so it coated evenly. I let it dry for a bit, then we installed metal planters along the base of the ladder. Using a drill, we killed two birds with one stone and put the ladder on the shed where we wanted it and then drilled the planters onto the ladder and continued onto the shed (they were long screws). The final step was to add the small black pots and flowers and enjoy our creation! This project was so easy and took very little time to create. The HomeRight Finish Max Sprayer made it super easy to paint and clean up. Visit HomeRight.comfor more great tools and ideas!

See more details on our Farmhouse Shed Makeover BELOW!

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