StainStick - Thinking Outside the Box
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Sarah Sanders
Tuesday, April 25, 2017
Materials Needed: 
  • HomeRight StainStick with gap wheel
  • Stain of Choice

Project Steps


Leave behind the hassle of staining with brushes and trays and get the job done with virtually NO mess using the HomeRight StainStick with gap wheel. No longer *just* for decking, use it for raised bed gardens (and trailer flooring, too)! See how fast and easy the HomeRight StainStick makes these projects...

Step 1

It's that time of year when those outdoor projects you've been putting off finally stand up and demand your attention. Yes, I know you have those projects, because I do, too. ;) This year, the raised bed gardens we built from reclaimed wood last year were screaming for some protection from the outdoor elements. I really should have sealed and protected them last year, happened. 

Here is a before photo...

Step 2

The wood was dry, worn and weathered. While I love this look for interior pieces, these gardens needed some serious love and protection, if I wanted them to last for a long time. And I do. ;)

Step 3

The HomeRight StainStick with Gap Wheel was a breeze to put together and, just like the PaintStick, makes a potentially messy job a piece of cake.

Step 4

Mr. 1915 is my better half and the often unsung hero behind so many of our projects. He enjoys using the HomeRight tools and this time was no different. He went to town on our raised bed gardens while I snapped photos. 

Step 5

The gap wheel got in between the boards and underneath the lip of the top board. Crazy handy and so much fun to use!

Step 6

Once the body of the gardens was done, I used a cheap chip brush to get the legs and we were done! I couldn't believe how fast it went. (I should have timed how long it took!)

Step 7

So next time you have a stain project that seems time-intensive and laborious, consider using the StainStick with Gap Wheel! You'll save yourself tons of time and frustration. My husband even used it on the flooring in his open trailer with great results. 


trailer deck before stain


Stained trailer deck with stainstick

Mr. 1915 is getting some new paint that is supposed to be amazing for rusted metal so I'm excited to see how it turns out. Even though the trailer won't end up on my blog, it's so fun to see even my husband enjoying HomeRight products and using the StainStick to stain and weatherproof his trailer floor. A family who works together stays together! ;) To see lots more DIY projects and ideas to create a beautiful home on a tight budget, hop on over to 1915 House and see what I've been up to- I'd love to meet you there.

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