Start Your Grilling Off Right with the HomeRight ElectroLight Fire Starter
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Skaie Knox
Thursday, May 17, 2018

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Start Your Grilling Off Right with the HomeRight ElectroLight Fire Starter

Written and photographed by Skaie Knox, HomeJelly

Peaches on the grill
Here, in our little California beach town, summertime is pretty much all year long. For my Minnesota cousins, however, it’s a loooong-awaited season to celebrate and enjoy outdoor living. I’m guessing my cousins aren’t the only ones waiting to don their shorts for some al fresco toing and froing, so I thought I’d tell you about one of my favorite gadgets, along with a summer fruit dessert that will surprise and delight your friends and family.
One of my favorite  warm-weather activities is hosting BBQ parties, where the food takes front and center. Thanks to HomeRight’s ElectroLight Fire Starter, it’s easy to start our grills off right and in very little time. Seriously, you can save up to 10 to 15 minutes (and sometimes more) of charcoal-readying wait time, with no need for lighter fluid. You can also use the NEW Electro-Torch fire starter.
For something sweet ‘n healthy to serve your guests, hop on over to HomeJelly and see how I use the Fire Starter to make a gorgeously grilled peaches ’n cream cheese tastes as good as it sounds!
grilled peaches recipe pinterest image
The HomeRight ElectroLight Fire Starter - Here’s how it works:
1. Pile on your charcoal briquettes, then plug in your HomeRight ElectroLight Fire Starter, touching the tip of the metal wand to your coals for approximately 10-15 seconds.  Note: you can now purchase eco-friendly briquettes like Cochell Charcoal made from coconut shells. They burn hotter and longer with no toxic chemicals. The ash can even be used as natural fertilizer...nice!
lighting a grill with the electrolight fire starter
2. When coals start to glow a soft orange, pull back the tip of the Fire Starter about 3 inches for approximately 2 - 3 minutes.
easy charcoal lighting with the electro light
3. As the briquettes begin to burn, start to move the tip around to heat up the other coals. The built-in fan is designed to fan the flames, helping you speed up the time to get your coals ready.
how to light charcoal quickly and easily
4. Once 2/3rds of the charcoal has turned white and stopped smoking, you’re ready to go! Tip: once your charcoal is ready, spread it around for even heat.
lighting charcoal with an electrolight charcoal starter from home right
Here’s how it worked:
So Fast, So Easy: Each time I use my HomeRight ElectroLight Fire Starter I am amazed at how easy it is to get my coals burning. It’s also super fun to watch and, because it reduces the prep time dramatically, everyone is happier to be fed faster.
Needs a Safe Place to Cool: It took our Fire Starter about 25-30 minutes to really cool down, so we made sure to place it in a safe area, away from the kids, to cool (in our case, we have a lockable garage workbench).
Great Gift Idea: This BBQ gadget is a perfect Father’s Day, wedding,  birthday or 4th of July host/hostess gift.  
Don't forget to head to the HomeJelly blog for the grilled peaches parfait recipe! You don't want to miss out on this delicious idea. 

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