Staycation Brunch over the Fire Pit
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Sarah Sanders
Friday, July 14, 2017
Materials Needed: 
  • Electrolight fire starter
  • Fire pit or other safe area for campfire
  • Dry sticks, twigs and leaves
  • Grill grate OR favorite campfire foods wrapped in aluminum foil
  • Abundant coffee ;)

Project Steps


Whether you're out camping or enjoying a staycation at home, a brunch made over the fire is sure to complete the experience. With the Electrolight Fire Starter, we seriously had our fire going in UNDER a minute. No joke! You could also use the NEW Electro-Torch, which outputs even more heat to get your fire lit more quickly. 

My family dubbed this "the most fun breakfast EVER." Mission, accomplished. ;)

Step 1

Gather small sticks, dried leaves and a few larger pieces of scrap wood and lay out your fire. We wanted to really put the Electrolight to the test and see how it would do without charcoal - using only sticks, scrap wood and dried things from around our yard. We were beyond delighted when the Electrolight started our fire in less than a minute. See for yourself in the video below:

Step 2

In less than a minute, our fire was roaring. While it did it's thing, we gathered our brunch goodies. I had prepped a few breakfast burritos in advance, simply layering cooked scrambled eggs, sausage patties (or links) and sliced cheddar.

By all means, get the pre-cooked sausages - or bacon. After all, a staycation is meant to be relaxing and laid back. The pre-assembled breakfast burritos were quick and easy - we simply laid them on the grate above the fire and coals. A couple of the boys really wanted breakfast sandwiches, so I threw together a breakfast sandwich platter for them to customize as they wanted and we toasted a few english muffins over the fire as well.

Step 3

*whispering* Wanna know the best part? The husband and kids were so "into" making our brunch over a fire that I had to do very little of the actual cooking. :) So parents, take note - whip up a few breafast burritos before your camping trip or staycation and then sit back and let your family have all the fun of cooking over the fire while you sip your coffee and smile at their antics. 

If you're looking for a simple DIY fire pit (and custom grill grate) for a fraction of the cost of a fire pit kit, I invite you to come visit me over at 1915 House - where I share all kinds of DIYs and simple ideas to create a home you love - on a dime.

Brunch over the fire pit ideas

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