Steak Kebab Recipe
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Christy Black
Thursday, May 10, 2018
Materials Needed: 
  • Kebab ingredients and skewers
  • Charcoal grill
  • HomeRight ElectroLight

Project Steps


Spring has finally arrived and that means it's time to start firing up the grill!  We love recipes that are healthy, delicious, and easy enough that the kids can help with prep work and cooking.  We also love our HomeRight ElectroLight Fire Starter when it's time to light the charcoal. It takes just a few minutes to ignite charcoal and/or wood chips, and you don't have to douse your charcoal with chemicals first! 

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Step 1

Kebabs are a great way to get the kids involved in cooking!  The ingredient choices are almost endless, but our favorite recipe consists of steak cubes, red onions, and peppers.  Salt and pepper them, and if you need more flavor, sprinkle them with a bit of soy sauce or teriyaki sauce.  Depending on the age of your children, they can help with selecting items at the grocery store, cutting up meat and vegetables, threading ingredients onto the skewer, and seasoning the kebabs.  With Mother's Day just a few days away, this is a great way to get kids involved in preparing a meal in Mom's honor!

Step 2

Prepare your grill. It couldn't be simpler to use: plug it in, hold down the button, and the ElectroLight heats to 1300° F.  It takes just a few minutes to ignite charcoal and/or wood chips, and you don't have to douse your charcoal with lighter fluid first.  That's my husband's favorite part; he swears that using chemicals changes the taste of the food (and of course it's nowhere near as healthy). 

Step 3

Cook your kebabs over high heat (450° to 550°) for 8-10 minutes (about 2 minutes per side), then let them rest for about five minutes.  We cover ours with foil to retain moisture while they rest.  

Step 4

Enjoy your kebabs served over cous cous.  A chilled red wine and fresh fruit would be a perfect complement!  

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