Steam Cleaning Your Whole House (Inside and Out!)
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Stacy Risenmay
Friday, January 18, 2019

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Every year when I finally take down the Christmas decor, my house feels bare. I get the urge to not only rearrange things, but also to deep clean and purge all the clutter. My favorite cleaning tool is the SteamMachine Elite. It can clean so many things in and outside the home. Here are some of the ways I have used my SteamMachine.

The kitchen is where we prepare and store our food so it really needs to be sanitary. I love using the SteamMachine in my kitchen so I can clean without chemicals.

*Oven & Stove

*Lazy Susans & Cabinets

*Silverware trays & drawers

*Cabinet doors




*Backsplash & Tile


*Sink & Drain

*High Chairs

*Table Cloth

From steaming the wrinkles out of clothes, to getting rid of the odor from your shoe organizer, the steam machine come in pretty handy in the bedroom!


*Wrinkled Clothes



*Plastic Bins & Shoe organizers

The bathroom is germ city! It is the grossest room but the most satifying to clean.

How to Clean an Entire Home with Chemical Free Steam


*Tile & Grout

*Sink & Drain


*Tub & Shower

*Cabinet Hardware

The most "lived in" room definitely needs some freshening up every now and then.

*Throw pillows


*Rugs & Carpet


 Things light light switches and baseboards are in every room and need attention too! 

*Garbage Cans


*Light Switches


*Window Tracks



*Door Knobs

*Outdoor Furniture

*Steam Off Wallpaper

The steam cleaner is great for the inside and outside of your house. Even your car can get cleaned with steam!

*Car Seats & Stroller

*Washing Machine




*Sanitize Reclaimed Wood

Where are your favorite places to use a steam cleaner?

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