SteamMachine Storage Organizer
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Thursday, January 25, 2018
Materials Needed: 
  • HomeRight SteamMachine Storage Organizer
  • HomeRight SteamMachine

Project Steps


I love my HomeRight Steam Machine! I use it to steam clean my ceramic tile and to do jobs in hard to reach places, such as my bathroom faucets. I’ve also been bringing it back and forth to my retail store to clean the tile floor in the front. With the cold, icy, and snowy Chicago weather, we have a lot of foot traffic, and that tends to bring in wet,snowy footprints and road salt. It makes a big mess, and the steamer really lifts the salt staining. The SteamMachine Storage Organizer has been a great way to keep all of my attachments ready for easy transporting, to and from home and the shop!

Step 1

The HomeRight SteamMachine Storage Organizer is really versatile. There are some pockets that fit some accessories better than others, but I like that I can customize it however I like.  This was how I was storing my steamer attachments before, and it really wasn’t the best solution.

Step 2

In finding the right place for each item, I decided I wasn’t going to keep my SteamMachine measuring cup in the organizer, because I like keeping it next to my laundry tub sink at home, where I use it more. I also like keeping my smaller attachments in a top pocket, even though there is storage in the SteamMachine itself, it’s just easier for me. But, the best part is, the pockets can be used however needed. 

Step 3

My biggest recommendation is to make sure that anything that’s really wet or damp, especially with fabric on it are completely dry before storing, since the steamer pads will tend to be folded up with storage, they could easily get moldy if not completely dry beforehand.

Step 4

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