Summer Cooking with a Dutch Oven by Pulling Curls
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Hilary Erickson
Thursday, June 2, 2016
Materials Needed: 
  • Dutch Oven
  • Charcoal or wood
  • HomeRight ElectroLight

Project Steps


There are three ways to cook with a Dutch Oven in the summer time; over wood, over charcoal or over propane. This tutorial by Pulling Curls will talk about heat management, tools of the trade and maintaining equipment. 

Step 1

Managing the heat with an open fire can be complicated and this method is probably the most difficult to maintain consistent heat, however it can be done. The ElectroLight can aid in lighting a wood burning fire quickly. Find out more on this method at pulling curls.

Step 2

Cooking with charcoal is fairly easy to control the heat distribution; the best way is to have the coals cover the bottom of the Dutch oven. You typically need the same amount of charcoal pieces as the diameter of the Dutch oven, plus 3 to 4 more.  The ElectroLight makes lighting charcoal very quick and easy. More details can be found at pulling curls

Step 3

If you live in an area where there are fire restrictions, propane is a nice option for cooking with your dutch oven. Find out Pulling Curls tips for this method on their site. 

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