Super Finish Max Paints Cinder Block Building
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Gail Wilson
Monday, September 23, 2019

Project Steps

Painting a cinder block building can be so difficult when trying to do it by hand. First you have to roll on paint, then you have to use a paint brush to fill in the mortar joints. That’s tough and frustrating. I’m going to show you how easy it is to paint the same building with a Super Finish Max HVLP Paint Sprayer.

painting cinder block by hand

This is how I painted the inside of this outbuilding. There was no way I was going to paint the exterior which encompasses an extra garage as well.

cinder block shed and garage

This building is old and really is in three parts. Looking at the seam on the right—you’ll see the portion of the inside of the building I painted.

clean mildew before painting block

 As with any painting project, it’s important to do the proper prep work. There was some mildew on this area, I used bathroom cleaner and a broom to clean it. This is at a small duplex apartment building and there wasn’t water readily available to do power washing.

I also used a blower and a broom to clean away dirt, debris and cobwebs.

old cinder block outbuilding

 There is an awning that had already been removed, more about that later. You can see the front of the building had already been painted a couple of times. Apparently the second time someone only went up as far as they could reach.

finish max super outdoor painting

 The Super Finish Max comes with three interchangeable nozzles. This is the first time I’ve had an opportunity to use the largest 4.0 mm (red) nozzle and tip. I also switched out the regular spray cap to the yellow wide spray pattern cap.

I used two paint cups, but it would have been just as easy to use one. The first cup painted the entire front of the building and more.

TIP: Pouring paint from a five gallon bucket into a more manageable container is very helpful. A wet cloth was used to keep the flies/gnats out.

using a paint sprayer to paint out building the easy way

The coverage over existing paint was better than the raw block that had never been painted. However, it was a little difficult to see where I had painted. What wasn’t difficult? Maneuvering the sprayer—so much easier than pushing a roller and filling in with a brush.

paint out building with Super Finish Max

Even the downspout looks better after it’s been painted! The building took 2 coats. I did one coat on the first day, and the second coat the next day.

first coat of paint on block building

This is after the first coat on the side that had never been painted. The front, back and this long side took me about 2 hours to paint. After painting the interior with a roller and brush, this was a breeze using the Super Finish Max.

old building new look with the Super Finish Max HVLP sprayer

concrete block outbuilding painted with Super Finish Max HVLP


Mulch, blinds, awning, and a new light fixture. Be sure to visit My Repurposed Life for more details on how this all came together inside AND out! It’s exciting news for me.

Watch the full how to video here:

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