Super Finish Max Tackles Outdoor Shed
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Gail Wilson
Tuesday, September 19, 2017
Materials Needed: 
  • Super Finish Max Extra
  • Paint
  • Drop Cloth
  • Extension Cord
  • Paint Strainer
  • Paint Brush (optional)
  • Painter's Tape (optional)

Project Steps


I love using the new Super Finish Max Extra for furniture projects and thrift store makeovers. But having it handy to paint larger, outdoor projects is so fabulous. I recently cleaned out and cleaned up my garage. In order to finish that project I also had to tackle my 30 year old shed out back. After cleaning out the shed and organizing it, I was anxious to give it the new look it so deserved. I’ll share all the easy steps to give your outbuilding a refresh!


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Step 1

Make any necessary repairs that may need to be done.  This shed had some issues that needed to be dealt with. Reclaimed fence boards were added to strengthen the base and cover water damage. 

Step 2

Several of the trim boards were loose and had to be reattached.  You will need to clean your building before painting. You can use a garden hose (make sure the building is totally dry before painting) or a broom to remove loose debris and dirt.

Step 3

Prepare your Super Finish Max Extra by switching out the current nozzle with the larger nozzle and pin that is included with the sprayer—the red nozzle and pin, along with the yellow wide spray pattern cap. Using this tip and cap will allow you to finish this extra large job in record time!

Strain your paint and fill your paint cup about 2/3 full.

Step 4

Prepare to paint by using a drop cloth, cardboard or some other way of protecting the ground.                                                       

Step 5

Start with the control knob in the halfway point and adjust accordingly to get the best spray pattern for the job you’re working on. This outbuilding was painted with old mistinted paint, and was thick. The flow control knob was dialed all the way to the PLUS symbol.

Step 6


Step 7

Two quick light coats will work better than one heavy coat. The trim was not done to save on paint.                                                           

Step 8

Paint trim

You can tape off your building and use your sprayer with a smaller nozzle/pin or paint the trim by hand.  A paint trim guard was used to keep the dark blue paint off of the light blue paint.

Step 9

 Admire your new and improved shed or outbuilding. The new Super Finish Max Extra is perfect for tackling those large outdoor projects!

More great information on the Super Finish Max Extra next month!

Outdoor shed makeover with the Super Finish Max paint sprayer

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