The Best Hamburgers on the Grill With the HomeRight ElectroLight
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Christy Black
Monday, July 9, 2018
Materials Needed: 
  • HomeRight ElectroLight Fire Starter
  • Grill + charcoal or wood chips
  • Hamburger ingredients (recipe below!)

Project Steps


It's summertime and the living is easy!

Our family enjoys dinner on the grill several times a week during the summer; it's quick, easy, and there's minimal clean up.  It's also a great way to enjoy all the fresh produce that's coming out of the garden and farmers' markets.

One of our favorite weeknight dinners is to make hamburgers on the grill.  We've tried dozens of burger recipes and this one is super simple, and by far the best one we've tried. 

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Step 1

Prepare your coals. The ElectroLight is so simple to use--just plug in the extra-long cord and hold down the button! In just a few seconds, the ElectroLight heats to 1300° and starts your charcoal or wood chips without the need for lighter fluid (we are not fans of that chemical taste on our food!).

Step 2

While the coals are heating, prepare your burgers.  For 1-1/2 pounds of ground beef (I usually use 85-93% lean), add about 1/3 c. of whipping cream, 1-1/2 T of Worchestershire sauce, and 2 t. of seasoned salt.  Mix with your hands until all of the ingredients are combined, but don't overmix or your burgers will be tough.

Step 3

Form patties of about 1/3 c of meat mix and use your thumb to make a hollow in the center (this keeps them from plumping up in the middle while they're cooking).

Step 4

Grill the patties over medium-high heat for 2-3 minutes per side, starting with the dimple side up.                                          

Step 5

Keep the grill lid closed until it's time to turn them, and only turn them once.  You'll also want to resist the urge to press them flat with the spatula while they're cooking!  When the burgers are done, remove them to a plate and cover them with foil.  Let them rest for 3-5 minutes before serving.

Step 6

We like to serve these burgers on slider rolls; they're smaller than regular hamburger buns so you don't have an overabundance of bread on your plate.  If you're feeling particularly decadent, butter the buns and give them about 15 seconds on the grill to lightly toast them while your hamburgers are resting.

A few simple sides make a perfect summer meal: sliced watermelon, potato salad or tater tots, macaroni and cheese, and corn on the cob are a few suggestions.  For dessert, try our favorite cobbler recipe {here}.

Step 7

Enjoy the perfect burger--and happy summer!                                                                                                                    

The Best Grilled Burger Recipe

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