The EASY Way to Clean Your Bathroom
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Abbey DeHart
Tuesday, December 19, 2017
Materials Needed: 
  • HomeRight SteamCleaner with Squeegee Attachment
  • Chemical Free Cleaning Spray or Vinegar

Project Instructions


I'll let you guys in on a little secret...I despise cleaning my shower. It's wet, hot, and cumbersome, but has to be done. With guests coming for the holidays, you're likely getting your house cleaned up for holiday hosting and one thing you need to gift yourself for the holidays to make your life easier is the HomeRight SteamMachine. I've shared with you multiple ways to use your HomeRight Steam Machine to clean your tile grout, how to clean your patio cushions, how to clean your windows, and how to clean your fridge...but today I'm sharing with you the easy way to clean the shower with your HomeRight SteamMachine!

Step 1

With my HomeRight Steam Machine I can clean my shower using an extension that acts as a squeegee and steams the shower while removing the gunk! The SteamMachine uses pressurized, high-temperature steam to loosen and dissolve dirt, cut grease and grime, expel stains, and sanitize your surface by killing 99% of bacteria.

Step 2

I used the small squeegee piece that comes with the machine, sprayed my bathroom down with some natural, chemical free cleaner, and got to work. I like to add a little Lemon Essential Oil to my steamer so that it leaves a nice scent in the bathroom after I'm done cleaning. I just fill up the steamer using the cup and funnel they provide, let it warm up, then get to work!

The SteamMachine is SO easy to use on shower walls, which prevents me from back breaking scrubbing. And you'll even notice that since you're using the steamer, it actually dries the shower as it cleans, so no more water spots after it's first cleaned! It truly is so simple!

Step 3

After I do the walls, I do my best to get into corners and such, if nothing else, to kill germs with the steam. I then follow up with areas that aren't reachable by steamer and do them by hand. The steam though helps loosen up grime and kill germs, regardless of whether you can use the squeegee or not.

Next up, I start on the shower curtain! Traditionally you either wash the shower curtain or pitch it and get a new one. I went ahead and used my steamer on the shower curtain and loved how it cleaned it up and steamed it straight! If you do want to wash your shower curtain in the washer still to loosen up the grime, you can follow up using your steam cleaner to get it looking straight and wrinkle free (depending on how dirty it is!).

Step 4

Here's the can see that it's easier to see the toys through the soap scum.

It's much cleaner, right?!

I don't know where this trick has been all my life, but I'll never go back to cleaning my shower the same way. Steam cleaners have SO many good uses for home, but this is by far my favorite.

I hope this saves you some time this holiday season!

Cleaning your shower doesn't have to be a back breaking, time consuming, clothes drenching endeavor! Learn how to clean your shower easily and with much less hassle by using the HomeRight SteamMachine!


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