The HomeRight SteamMachine Takes the Wrinkles Out of Ironing
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Skaie Knox
Friday, March 16, 2018

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The HomeRight SteamMachine Takes the Wrinkles Out of Ironing

Written and photographed by Skaie Knox, HomeJelly

Raise your hand if you despise ironing. If it wasn’t for living in a society that judges wrinkly people showing up for work or parties, I’d chuck my board and iron right out the door!

Alas, but I do.

Thankfully, the folks at HomeRight came up with a solution for we hot-press haters by offering their super handy and versatile SteamMachine (model 53). It brings up to 290°F of steam to the surface using 55 psi of pressure and is both gentle and effective at a plethora of home tasks.

After recently helping my brother, Ian declutter his garage (which, by the way, has totally changed his life for the better) including steam cleaning his garage floors, I knew I wanted to try my hand at using this machine to steam fabrics.

Flash forward to the present and to part 2 of “Operation: Help My Brother Get Organized”. He’s a self-proclaimed procrastinator, so I came up with 3 Simple Stay-Organized Tricks for him to follow. One of the tricks included sorting and purging his stuff, which left him with the benefit of a well-curated closet.

“Now’s  my time to de-wrinkle all those shirts he forgot he had!”

Ian was more than happy to “let me” steam the wrinkles out of his button-downs, so I got to work.

Steaming Fabrics with the HomeRight SteamMachine

Step #1: Before turning on the SteamMachine, select the straight adapter and attach it to the end of the trigger section.

Step #2: Unclip the squeegee from the fabric steamer attachment, then snap onto straight adapter.

Step #3: Slip on the fabric bonnet to the fabric steamer piece.

Step #4: With the machine still OFF, unscrew the cap to the water tank, then pour up to 40 oz. of distilled water using the included cup and funnel. Secure cap. Note: be sure to use distilled water to avoid clogging the steamer pores with minerals, reducing the effectiveness of the machine.

Step #5: Push ON button and allow SteamMachine to build up pressure and heat up for 8 minutes. At first you’ll see the two ORANGE and RED LED indicators light up. When there’s only the RED light on, it’s ready to steam.

Step #6: Before starting to steam your clothing, offload some of the water that comes out with the initial steam FIRST, to avoid wetting your garment.

Step #7: Once you see steam, begin moving the steamer head over your garment. You’ll see how easy and fast it is to achieve wonderfully smooth results.

Benefits to steaming vs. ironing

  1. It’s fast. A pile of shirts could take all afternoon. With the SteamMachine, it take minutes at a time.

  2. It’s easy. Thanks to the trigger lock, you can simply move the steamer over clothing and receive a facial at the same time!

  3. It works on all kinds of clothing. Besides cotton and various blended fabrics, you use this on beaded and sequined clothing as well.

  4. It avoids nasty iron-burns. With the SteamMachine, you won’t have to worry about burns on fabrics or accidentally scorching yourself.

In addition to the many cleaning functions this midget but mighty machine can accomplish, steaming fabrics is just another reason to add one to your housekeeping arsenal.

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steam cleaning your clothes to get rid of wrinkles

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