The Most Fun You Can Have With Ugly Wallpaper & SteamMachine by Big Binder
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Wednesday, February 6, 2013

February 6, 2013

Big Binder had a whole bathroom full of wallpaper to remove and the HomeRight SteamMachine made the project go so much quicker. Using steam to release the adhesive on wallpaper saves so much time and energy. Read more about the experience at Big Binder blog

The Big Binder Wallpaper before the SteamMachine

HomeRight SteamMachine removing wallpaper

SteamMachine with attachments Big Binder

Big Binder Wallpaper removal after 2.5 hours

HomeRight SteamMachine AccessoriesHomeRight SteamMachine AccessoriesHomeRight SteamMachine Mop HeadSteamMachine Mop Head and Squeegee

HomeRight SteamMachine


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