The Quick Way to Paint a Kitchen Command Center Wall
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Katy Lyle
Monday, December 17, 2018
Materials Needed: 
  • PaintStick EZ-Twist
  • QuickPainter
  • Paint

Project Steps

Painting a room with the ez twist and quick painter

It's about that time to start getting organized and getting ready for a fresh start with the New Year. I'm getting a jump start by updating my kitchen command center with a new coat of paint. Even though the wall is pretty small, the quickest way to paint is with the QuickPainter and the PaintStick EZ-Twist.

How to paint a command center wal 

My old command center wasn't too functional and it felt a little boring. I started by removing everything, prepping the wall by patching the old holes, and then taping. I then started painting by cutting in the edges with the QuickPainter Pad Edge Painter. It's so quick and easy to use and it gets a straight line every time!

How to Paint Around Trim with a QuickPainter   

Painting a wall with the paint stick ez twist from home right 

Using the QuickPainter Pad Edge Painter is really simple. Just remove the pad attachment and insert the QuickPainter into the paint then press and hold the trigger while pulling the fill handle. Then reattach the pad and you're ready to use.

Next, I got out my PaintStick EZ-Twist Paint Roller Applicator and attached the fill tube to the paint can. Next, you'll attach the paint stick to the tube and start pulling the handle back to fill the tube.

Best tools to have when painting a wall 

Once the tube is filled you can remove from the fill tube and start twisting the PaintStick handle to start releasing the paint. When you first start getting paint to the roller you'll notice small dots, this means you need more paint. So, keep twisting the handle until the dots disappear. Then start rolling.

Painting a Wall with the PaintStick EZ-Twist Paint Roller    

Painting a wall with the paint stick ez twist from home right

Once you're done painting cleanup is just as simple since both the QuickPainter Pad Edge and the PaintStick EZ-Twist come apart in pieces. You'll want to make sure to detach both the edge pad & the roller and squeeze any excess paint back into the can. Then wash with warm soapy water.

Here's the after!

How to paint a kitchen wall with homeright tools   

Painted kitchen wall with the homeright paint stick eztwist 

I've rearranged and added some new pieces to make it more functional. You can head on over to my blog A Shade of Teal to see more on how I decorated and styled my new Kitchen Command Center wall!

Plus, make sure to pick up HomeRight's products to make any painting project easier!

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The Quickest Way to Paint Your Kitchen Walls

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