Three Easy Ways to Add Curb Appeal
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Abbey DeHart
Monday, October 30, 2017

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How often do you guys take a look at your house and just want a CHANGE?! And then you think..."it's too much work" or "we're not experience enough to do it ourselves" or "it costs too much money to have someone do it". What if I told you, you CAN do it and you can make easy changes to update the outside of your house using ONE tool. Well, one MAIN tool, with a few smaller ones as backups. Take my house, for example, last year we made the jump to make some major outdoor improvements to add curb appeal to our home. Not only did we physically paint the house, but we repainted the shutters, we repainted the garage doors, and we repainted the trellis on our deck. And we did all three of those things with the HomeRight Finish Max Paint Sprayer.

adding curb appeal

You may remember me talking about this tool a few weeks ago when I redid my hallway doors and as you're starting to see, it's clearly one of my favorite DIY tools to use for our home. You know what's so funny too...I went into using this product with low expectations. I didn't think it would cover enough or cover thoroughly, but it does all of the above. It's amazing. It's easy to set up, easy clean up and easy to use.

HomeRight Finish Max

I've used it with oil based paint, I've used it with stain, and I've used it with latex paint and each time I'm thrilled with the results. Let's walk through a few ways I've used it to update my exterior.

Update your shutters

When we moved in, we decided to repaint the exterior of the house...we painted over the pea green and we decided to make the jump to painted brick. The BEFORE....


And the after...


With that, we realized that the shutters needed painting too. Painting shutters is not a fun job, but when using the Finish Max Paint Sprayer it took literally 1/4 the time it normally would to paint these! We started by pulling them off, hosing and cleaning them off, then setting them up on a tarp and using the Finish Max to spray them, then rehung.

shutter makeover

shutter update

Update your Garage Doors

Trust me, I'd love to get completely new garage doors for the front of the house, but it's not in the budget now. So in the meantime we reframed in our garage doors with thick white trim and then we repainted the garage and the doors so that they really popped off the house! You can tape off your doors and house and just spray the doors to get the job done quickly.

garage door makeover


Update the Trellis and/or Deck

We still have our deck to do yet and when we do, we intend to use HomeRight's Deck Stain Tools to help us get the job done. But in the meantime, we took our old trellis and first, my husband sprayed the trellis to get into the nooks and crannies easily, then they went over the trim and painted it white. Using the Finish Max Sprayer for the trellis was SO MUCH EASIER than trying to paint the trellis by hand. If you're painting intricate things, be sure to use the Finish Max Sprayer and save yourself some time!

gazebo before

gazebo after

So to date, let's review...

Here's some uses for the HomeRight Finish Max Paint Sprayer:

  • Doors
  • Cabinets
  • Shutters
  • Trellis
  • Garage Doors
  • and more

So next time you want to make a change on your house, feel empowered to tackle it yourself. Take the time to learn the best ways to do your project, take your time, don't cut corners, and INVEST IN A FINISH MAX PAINT SPRAYER! :)

Happy DIYing!

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