Tips for a Cozy Backyard Fire Pit
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Wendi Wachtel
Friday, June 16, 2017

Project Steps


Every spring we head for the fresh outdoors and a cozy backyard fire pit as soon as warm weather rolls around.  In our house, friends and family always enjoy relaxing together by the fireside and chatting the night away. A well decorated outdoor space helps set the stage for fun so I’ve put together a list of my favorite go-to tips for creating a cozy backyard entertainment area that will help set the mood for special times this summer season.

Step 1

Don’t be afraid to add color to your yard. Bright colors look great with the contrast of green from grass and trees. Follow a color theme for a well put together look. Add accessories like extra lighting that look pretty in the daylight and in the evening.

Step 2

Have everything you’ll need for your party in advance. Place lap-blankets on chairs or fold in a colorful basket nearby. Stack plenty of firewood by the fire pit. Have outdoor candles or citronella torches filled and ready to be lit when needed.

Step 3

Group activities together like a cooking station with a table and utensils to make it easy to assemble food. Set up an outdoor game area with small tables to hold drinks and plates.

Step 4

Everyone, young and old enjoys a good s’more and roasting marshmallows on an open grill or fire. Be creative in setting up a s’mores or other food station with bright colors, tiered trays and mason jars.

Step 5

Group comfortable seating in sets and clusters to encourage long chats by the fireside and mingling between guests.

Step 6

Make fire and BBQ starting easy and quick by using the HomeRight ElectroLight Firestarter. Easily start charcoal grills without the use of chemical lighter fluids. Fire pits start quickly without the use of matches, even in a breeze.

Step 7

These are my favorite outdoor decorating secrets I use to make our backyard friendly and cozy for memorable evenings with family and friends. The best part is they'll work for any size home or backyard space!

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