Tips on How to Paint Doors by Stacy Risenmay from Not Just a Housewife
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Stacy Risenmay
Monday, May 4, 2015

Project Steps

May 4, 2015

Not Just a HousewifeThis post was written by HomeRight Brand Ambassador Stacy Risenmay from Not Just a Housewife blog. 

If you have ever painted a door with a paint brush, then you know it is one of the least fun projects on the planet. And if you have ever moved into a house where the previous tenants did a terrible job of painting the doors, then you know how much a good paint job matters. I have some tips on how to make the process AND the outcome so much better!

  how to paint doors 

Tip #1

Take Off The Hardware When we moved into our 1938 home, the original hardware was still on the (original) doors. The problem was, the previous owners had never taken the time to remove the hardware first before painting. Some of them looked like they had at least attempted to paint around them so they only had paint on parts here and there. Some of them were painted completely, door knob and all! Don't be lazy. If you are going to the effort of painting your door, do it right! I put the screws, hinges, backplate, and knobs in baggies and label them. Normally I would try to put them all in one, but I didn't have the larger size this time. I took the hinges off the door frame (and not just unscrewed the door) because I also painted the door frames.   put hardware in bags while painting door 

Tip #2

Prep Work Pays Off Next I sanded them. I had little nicks and old brush strokes that I wanted to smooth out. If your door doesn't have any issues, you can just lightly sand. The pre work is the most important step in my opinion. If you have any large dents or scrapes, fill them with a good quality wood putty that is sandable and paintable. Sand it smooth before painting. Once it has been sanded, wipe it down really well. You dont want any dust at all left on the door. The cleaner the better.

sand before painting 

Tip #3

Use a Paint Sprayer instead of a Brush I have painted many, many doors in my life. I have painted them with paint brushes, foam brushes, rollers, and paint sprayers. Hands down the fastest way is a paint sprayer and absolutely the best finish will come from using a sprayer. Do yourself a favor and invest in a good sprayer. My favorite ones are the Finish Max and the Finish Max Pro.

Tip #4

Lay it flat I have done it both ways, propping it up and laying the door down, and I find you will get less drips if you lay the door flat. Use two saw horses or like me, two plastic totes. Lay you door down and make sure your sprayer's tube (on the inside) is angled so it picks up paint when you hold the sprayer aiming down.

finish max pro paint sprayer

Tip #5

Be Patient You will be tempted to turn the door over when it feels dry to the touch. But make sure it has fully dried before flipping it over. I let mine sit for several hours or overnight depending on what time of day I painted it. You wouldn't want all of your hard work to go out the window by having the new paint stick to the surface it is resting on. Also make sure it is fully dry before you re-hang it in your home.   cobalt blue door  

I have two more doors to paint this gorgeous blue color. I really love how it looks in my hallway! Have you ever painted doors in your home a fun color?

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