Top 10 Must Read HomeRight DIY Posts From 2018
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Friday, January 4, 2019

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2018 was a great year for DIY projects, home improvement remodels, cleaning hacks, recipe posts, arts and crafts, and more! We've compiled our top posts from 2018 so that you have project ideas for the new year. 

1. How to Clean Jewelry At Home

Learn how to save money by cleaning your jewelry at home! This cleaning hack was a great read in 2018. 

Best homeright diy projects from 2018

2. How to Clean a Front Loading Washing Machine

Your washing machine washes clothes, but did you know that you should also clean the machine itself? This post from 2018 proves just how much gross gunk can lurk in unexpected places! Here's to a cleaner new year!

Top 10 home improvement projects of 2018

3. DIY Storage From Thrifted Finds

We saw dozens upon dozens of amazing furniture makeovers in 2018 and one of the most popular ones was this cart remodel! Check it out!

Easy DIY Projects You Need to Try This Year

4. DIY Outdoor Lantern

Brighten your 2019 by creating this handmade lantern! This simple project was a huge hit in 2018. 

Must read DIY arts and crafts projects from 2018

5.  The Do's & Don'ts of Painting Cabinets

Didn't have time to paint your cabinets last year? Read this post before you start the project in 2019!

Painting Cabinets: Best DIY Projects in 2018

6. How to Steam Clean a Mattress

Apparently a lot of people realized that they haven't cleaned their mattress in a while because this post was a huge hit last year! 

Steaming a Mattress: Best projects to do in 2019

7. The Easy Way to Clean Your BBQ Grill

Easily blast away all of the gunk and grime build-up on your grill by following this amazing 2018 cleaning hack. 

Easy Way to Clean a Grill: 2018 Project of the Year

8. The Best Hamburgers on the Grill

Looking for a new recipe to try this year? Discover how to make juicy hamburgers on the grill!

Best 2018 Recipes

 9. Creating Indoor/Outdoor Boho Art 

Unleash your inner artist this year by creating boho wall art! This eye-catching project was a must-read in 2018. 

Best 2018 Arts and Crafts Projects

10. Paint Closet Doors In Less than A Minute

Save time in 2019 by learning how to paint closet doors in one minute! This project would have taken hours to do with a brush. 

Painting Closet Doors: Best HomeRight Projects to Read

We hope you enjoyed these top projects from 2018! Here's a list of some of the products used to create these creative ideas: 

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Top 10 Must-Read HomeRight DIY Projects From 2018

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