Updating your Patio Furniture
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Carol Lander
Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Project Steps


Cling onto the last few days of summer by giving your patio furniture a quick refresh to shine through the fall months! Carol with Bluesky Kitchen managed to update and remodel eight pieces of furniture over only two days and two hours of painting! What was her secret weapon? The Finish Max Super paint sprayer (formerly known as the Finish Max Extra).

Step 1

Carol loved that the Finish Max Super came with multiple tips and nozzles to add even more options when painting her projects. These extra accessories mean that you can spray small projects or large projects easily! Carol also whipped out her Large Spray Shelter to provide a sheltered area for her painting projects. The spray shelter prevents overspray from damaging your grass or floor and also protects your project from unwanted debris or bugs. Needless to say, Carol's first project of painting her patio bench was a breeze!

Step 2

There were also a couple of side patio tables that Carol purchased at a flea market that needed a little love. She painted the metal legs of each table white and updated the table tops with outdoor sealer. 

Step 3

Carol's next project was to paint two French garden chairs. They used to be a forest green color and were then painted with blue, chalk paint. After several years, however, the paint was chipping and needed another paint job. Carol sanded down the chairs and sprayed the wood with white paint. She liked the aged look of the metal legs so she decided to not paint those. Now they look brand new and add plenty of character to her patio!

Step 4

The final project for Carol's patio was to paint the tabletop of her table white. The leg bases were origionally white too and she realized that was too much white for her patio. She decided to paint the legs a beautiful brown color to achieve this gorgeous look. So after only two days of painting with a paint sprayer, Carol now has a whole new patio and her furniture is enough to make any neighbor jealous. To read more details about this transformation, head over to Carol's blog to see how you can do this to your own outdoor furniture. 

Update your patio furniture in minutes with the help of a paint sprayer

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