Upgrading Flat Panel Doors with Molding
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Monday, March 18, 2019

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Upgrading Flat Panel Doors with Molding

By Charleston Crafted

We bought a very 90s house that came complete with plain, ugly, flat panel doors. After three years of renovating our home, these simply didn’t work for us anymore. We wanted modern interior doors. We looked into purchasing new doors, but that is very expensive and complicated, since nearly every door is a different size. Instead we decided to add molding and give them a fresh coat of paint!

How to Easily Update and Paint Interior Doors with a HomeRight Paint Sprayer 

This project was very simple. It involves cutting ¼” plywood into strips to create rectangles on your door. The strips are attached with short brad nails, then finished off with caulk to cover the seams and nail holes. Then we painted each door!

Spraying Interior Doors the Easy Way With a Super Finish Max Paint Sprayer by HomeRight 

For this project, we used the HomeRight Super Finish Max paint sprayer and the HomeRight Large Spray Shelter. Utilizing these two products together made this super simple. We LOVE the ease of use and even spray that comes from the Super Finish Max sprayer and how quickly we were able to paint eight doors. Thanks to the spray shelter, we were able to block the wind and keep dirt and leaves from falling on the doors as they dried.

How to Paint Interior Doors with a Sprayer 

To see the full start to finish transformation of our flat panel interior doors, please head over to our blog at CharlestonCrafted.com! While you’re there, check out some of our other awesome projects as we show you how easy it is to try DIY!

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