Using a Paint Sprayer to Remodel a Dresser
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Charlotte Smith
Friday, July 20, 2018

Project Steps

Painting furniture with a brush can produce messy, unprofessional results, but when you use a paint sprayer to paint furniture you'd bound to acheive a smooth, professional finish.

This is what Charlotte with At Charlotte's House discovered when she painted this old dresser. Armed with paint and her Super Finish Max, Charlotte upgraded the dresser from drab to fab!

(Psst! The Super Finish Max HVLP paint sprayer can be used to paint more than just dressers. It has also been used to paint benches, side tables, outdoor patio furniture, dining room sets, and so much more!)

Old wood dreser

Find an Old Dresser to Paint

Charlotte bought this thrift store dresser for $50. She is currently remodeling her friend's daughter's room and realized that a freshly painted dresser would be the perfect addition to the space!

Sanding in the large spray shelter

Prep Your Dresser and Work Area

Charlotte started by removing all of the knobs on the dresser drawers, setting up her Large Spray Shelter to protect her surrounding work space, and then sanded all of the pieces. 

painting in the large spray shelter with the super finish max

Prime and Paint Your Dresser

Now it's time for the fun part...painting! Charlotte sprayed a quick coat of primer on the dresser and then painted the dresser a beautiful white color. 

painting dresser drawers

Be Creative

This is probably the most important step (in our opinion) when painting furniture. You should never settle for something boring that will blend into the background of your room.

Charlotte, for example, decided to paint the dresser drawers so that they had an ombre effect. We love the coastal vibe and the fact that it's perfect for a little girl's room!

gold dresser handles

Add New Knobs

As a final touch, you can add new knobs for extra flair and personality! There are SO many to choose from so have fun with it!

painted dresser in room

Enjoy Your Dresser!

We love how this dresser turned out! If you want more details on this project or if you want to see more amazing DIY's by Charlotte, be sure to head to her blog now! 


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