Using HomeRight PaintSticks to Paint Our Dining Room
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Carol Lander
Friday, April 27, 2018
Materials Needed: 
  • Paint Stick EZ~Twist
  • QuickPainter Pad Edger
  • Drop cloths
  • Paper towel
  • Spray bottle with floor cleaner

Project Steps


By Carol from Bluesky at Home

Painting our dining room was part of a dining room makeover for the Spring One Room Challenge. The room was originally a medium sage green. We would change the wall color to a barely gray color. This step alone would make a huge difference in creating a lighter and brighter room. SInce our dining room is fairly large (12 1/2 X 15 1/2) with 10 foot ceilings, I knew it would be a major task. I allotted 2 days to paint the window trim and baseboards on the wall with the windows and 4 ~ 5 days to paint all the walls.

Step 1

1. Remove any hardware from windows and walls.

2. Remove all furniture that can be moved or situtate in center of room.

3. Lay drop cloths to cover floors.

4. Watch HomeRight videos and read provided instructions.

5. Assemble QuickPainter Pad Edger, fill with paint and apply around woodwork, including window frames, baseboards, molding and corners.

6. Clean QuickPainter Pad Edger per instructions.

7. Assemble PaintStick EZ~Twist and follow instructions to fill with paint and apply paint to walls.

8. Clean PaintStick and reassemle according to instructions.

After preparing the room by removing all hardware, filling in holes with spackle and moving furniture out of the way, I laid dropcloths down. I opened the paint can and stirred the paint. On the wall with windows, I used painter's tape around all the window trim and baseboards and a 4~inch roller to apply the paint around the windows and baseboards. Now I was ready to paint the walls. I read the instructions for using the PaintStick EZ~Twist and watched the videos provided online, which I highly recommend. Here's the video below!


 Next I inserted the fill tube into the paint can, as instructed and attached the PaintStick to the fill tube and pulled the handle to fill the PaintStick. I repeated this about 3 times to completely fill the PaintStick and then turned the inner handled in a clockwise direction to fill the roller with paint.

Once the roller was completely filled and dots appeared on it, I knew I was ready to paint the walls. The paint flowed easily out of the roller onto the walls and I continued applying the paint in an up and down motion until all the paint was used.

painting walls with the ez twist

Then I repeated filling the PaintStick. It was much easier the second time and the roller filled more quickly. I accidentally over twisted the PaintStick handle and got too much paint on the roller. As mentioned in the video, the roller slid a bit until the excess paint was applied to the wall. Lesson learned ~ only fill the roller just until dots appear. 

After completely the wall with the windows, I cleaned the PaitStick EZ-Twist as instructed on the video. I did have to watch a couple of times, but following the video exactly is the best way to clean the PaintStick.

painting walls with the quick painter

We had 2 more large walls to paint, including cutting in at the baseboards and sides. At this point, I looked at the QuickPainter Pad Edger (Trim Tool) and realized I had another tool to use. After watching the video for the Pad Edger I realized it is the perfect tool to cut in the paint around the baseboards and sides of the walls. The QuickPainter Pad Edger fills straight from the paint can like a syringe ~ no paint tray or paint roller needed and no time~consuming application of painter's tape. This made cutting in on the remaining walls and baseboards so much faster and easier. Any remaining paint can be returned to the paint can just like the PaintStick EZ~Twist. Clean up of the QuickPainter Pad Edger was easy to do by placing the detachable paint pad and the stick in soapy water and cleaning.

the easiest way to cut in

For painting the remaining large walls, I used the PaintStick EZ~Twist in the same manner as the first wall. As I became more comfortable using it, the process of filling the PaintStick and applying the paint became easier. Our ceilings are 10 feet high, so my husband painted the top of the walls that I couldn't reach. He was really impressed how easy it was to apply the paint and liked that there was not the need for paint trays and rolling a paint roller on the tray before applying the paint.

painting walls the quick and easy way with the ez twist paint roller 

When we did have a little drip of paint on the hardwood floors, I sprayed some floor cleaner on and wiped up with paper towels.

Cleaning the PaintStick was easier as we got the hang of the process. After cleaning, I reassambled the PaintStick and put it out in the garage until the next time.

Read more about this project here on the Bluesky at Home blog. 

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painting walls with the ez twist

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