Vintage Dresser Gets A Mid Mod Makeover
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Lindsay Eidahl
Tuesday, October 23, 2018

Project Steps

Hello, HomeRight readers. It is Lindsay from My Creative Days back with one of my favorite makeovers to share with you! 

I love creating looks I love for less. It is something I have been passionate about for years and it is the way I have been decorating our home for the past 18 years. When we moved to our first house, I wanted to find ways to decorate it like I saw in magazines and on TV, but that would stay within our budget. DIY became our new favorite thing. DIYing has enabled us to have all the things we want in our home without breaking the bank for them. Our projects have gotten a lot of attention over the years and now, it is my full time job to share them on my blog

My latest project is one I am so excited to share with you. It is a perfect example of taking something that wasn't so pretty and turning it into the style and look you are after for a fraction of the cost. 

Brown dresser given mid mod makeover 

This dresser was at my local thrift store. I see dressers like this all the time, but I never pick them up because they are kind of boring. There isn't much detail to them so I didn't think they had tons of potential. Until now. 

 Details on remodeled thrift store dresser

This dresser did have a little bit of detail around the top that was great, but it also had pieces of the veneer missing in different areas and the finish was pretty scratched all around. All of these problems led me to a look I don't do very often, but I am starting to really like. 

Using dixie belle paint to remodel a vintage dresser 

To make this dresser over, I started patching the missing veneer with Mud from Dixie Belle Paint. This stuff works amazing for projects like this. I spread it over the missing area and let it dry. Once it is dry, I sand it so it is flush with the rest of the veneer.

How to fill in holes in wood furniture 

Once I had all the areas patched, I put one coat of Dixie Belle Paint's BOSS all over the dresser and the drawers I was painting. This magic stuff makes sure there is no bleeding through the paint and acts as a primer. 

For the drawer that didn't have any missing veneer, I decided to sand it down so I could stain it.

How to sand furniture before remodeling 

Once I had the outer shell of the dresser and the drawers prepped, I was ready to paint.

Best paint sprayer for transforming vintage furniture 

We love our HomeRight paint sprayers for projects like this. It makes the job fast and easy. All we needed was a couple coats of paint and the dresser was ready to put back together. 

Furniture remodeling dresser ideas-Mid mod makeover 

I stained the second drawer a dark color and added appliance hardware from Hickory Hardware to the drawers. Appliance hardware!! It is beautiful and really fills out the drawers nice to go with the mid mod look I was going for. 

DIY Paint and stained thrift store dresser remodel 

I can't tell you how excited I am about this makeover.

The dresser doesn't even look like the same piece! It really has a mid mod vibe. Who knew it could be so pretty?

DIY dresser inspiration 

I will no longer pass these dressers up when I see them. They have loads of potential and I love the challenge of finding new ways to breathe new life into them.

How would you have made this dresser pretty again?


How to create a mid mod dresser from a thrift store find by use the homeright paint sprayer 

If you liked this makeover, I would love to have you stop over to my blog My Creative Days to see what projects we are working on! 


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