Washing Windows the Easy Way
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Ashley Phipps
Monday, September 25, 2017
Materials Needed: 
  • SteamMachine
  • Distilled Water
  • Rag

Project Steps


I have never loved cleaning windows.  I really only do it because I don't like looking out dirty windows.  But it is not my favorite chore to do.  However, when I discovered that I could get my windows super clean in just a few seconds with the SteamMachine, I realized that maybe cleaning windows wasn't so bad after all.  And the SteamMachine is so easy to use!  I just love it!

Just be careful to follow the instructions that come with the SteamMachine as you don't want to use this when it is too cold outside so that your glass windows don't have really hot heat hitting them when it's really cold outside!  Specific temperature guidelines can be found in your manual.  

*Did you know, you can also use this to clean your mirrors!  Getting all the grime off of bathroom mirrors has never been easier!

Step 1

Attach the window squeegee attachment to the SteamMachine and fill the container up with distilled water.  Plug the SteamMachine in and hit the "on" button to allow it to heat up. 

Step 2

Once the SteamMachine is properly heated, pull the trigger and squeegee your windows!  Even with hard water stained windows and little baby (and big kid) fingerprints on them, my windows cleaned right up!  If you need to, you can take a rag and wipe up any water drips along the bottom of the window.

Step 3

Clean the front and backs of all windows and sliding glass doors. And then enjoy looking out your sparkly windows!

My home has 19 windows PLUS a sliding glass door and a sidelight by my front door.  We have a lot of windows and cleaning windows can be such a pain!  But I have found a really easy way to clean my windows!  I use the HomeRight Steam Machine and it makes cleaning windows so easy and quick!  It doesn't make it fun, but it is still a total game changer in my opinion and I don't mind cleaning them nearly as much as I used to!

Use the SteamMachine steam cleaner for easy, chemical free outdoor window cleaning

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