Wood-Fired Fig & Prosciutto Pizza Recipe
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Christy Black
Tuesday, May 16, 2017
Materials Needed: 
  • HomeRight ElectroLight Fire Starter
  • Big Green Egg or other grill/smoker
  • Charcoal and/or wood chips (my husband prefers lump charcoal to briquettes because it isn't full of chemicals)
  • Pizza stone
  • Pizza ingredients (see recipe below)
  • Pizza Peel

Project Steps


As the days grow longer and warmer, we try to cook on the grill and smoker as often as possible.  It's so nice to be able to hand off the main course to my husband and son, too!  While I do know how to grill, I purposefully try NOT to cultivate the skill, because it gives me a break in the kitchen!

One of our favorite easy meals is homemade wood-fired pizza on our Big Green Egg (check out my tips for the perfect pizza here).  A few weeks ago, we tried a Fig & Prosciutto pizza for the first time, and it was the perfect combination of savory and sweet.  Plus, when you use the ElectroLight, you don't need to rely on lighter fluid or other chemicals to get your grill started.  

Step 1

Assemble your ingredients

The fig spread is usually available in the deli section of the grocery store, near the gourmet cheeses.  It's also absolutely delicious paired with espresso cheese and smoked almonds, if you have any left over (you might not!).

Fig & Prosciutto Pizza Recipe

Step 2

Prep your dough

My husband used to work at a pizzeria, so he tosses the dough in the air, but I roll it out on a floured board with a rolling pin.  Sometimes I make it from scratch, but our grocery store sells pizza dough in the deli section, so I'll often just grab a bag for the sake of convenience.

Step 3

Start the charcoal or wood chips while you prepare your pizza

Plug in the ElectroLight (you might need an outdoor extension cord) and depress the red button.  You have to hold the button continuously while starting your charcoal as a safety feature since the ElectroLight heats to 1300°F.  Use the ElectroLight to ignite several areas of your charcoal or wood chips, and then use the built in blower to fan the flames.  That's all there is to it--no need to douse your charcoal in chemicals to get it to light! You could also use the NEW Electro-Torch to get it done even more quickly. 

Once the charcoal is ignited, add the pizza stone and close the lid to allow the grill and stone to warm up.  You'll want to heat it to about 600° for pizza.  The ElectroLight has a built in cooling stand so you can let it cool down nearby while you cook.

Step 4

Add your toppings

The only toppings you'll add before cooking are the fig spread and the sliced mozzarella.  The rest get thrown on after you cook your pizza.

Step 5


Our pizzas take about 6-10 minutes at 600° on the Big Green Egg (don't forget the pizza stone!!).  A pizza peel (the wooden paddle) makes it easy to get the pizza on and off the stone.  

Step 6

Add the rest of the ingredients

Top with sliced prosciutto (it's already cooked), shredded or shaved parmesan, and a few handfuls of fresh arugula.

Step 7


Fig and prosciutto pizza is wonderful paired with bubbly prosecco or a crisp white wine, like chardonnay.  We had ours for lunch and it was delicious!  Our only problem was keeping the dog away!


Fig and Prosciutto pizza recipe

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Wood-Fired Fig and Prosciutto Pizza

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