Yellow bookshelf makeover by Rain on a Tin Roof
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Jenna LaFevor
Monday, April 11, 2016
Materials Needed: 
  • HomeRight Finish Max Sprayer
  • Primer (I used a regular latex primer.)
  • Paint Color of your choice (I used yellow.)
  • Tack Cloth
  • Topcoat (I used a satin polycrylic.)

Project Steps


I have the tendency to buy things I don't always need at the time - particularly furniture pieces. If it has good lines, gorgeous hardware and it's a good price, then you can bet it's probably coming home with me. That was the case with this bookshelf - I didn't need it, but I couldn't pass it up with those gorgeous cabinet doors. It ended up sitting in my garage for about a year until I could figure out what to do with it. Turns out it was the perfect bookcase for my daughter's room. Here's how I easily made it over.

Paint Color of your choice (I used this yellow hue.)

Step 1

Before painting anything, I cleaned the shelf up really well using a wet rag and following up with a tack cloth after it dried. This bookshelf had laminate in some places. To make sure my paint stuck to those spots well, I gave the entire bookshelf a coat of primer with my paint sprayer before painting the piece yellow.

Step 2

Be sure to strain the paint before putting it in your sprayer.

Step 3

After straining the paint, add water to thin it. The Finish Max comes with an instruction manual that tells you how to thin your paint. It also comes with a handy little tool to use so you know when it's thinned enough. I'm borrowing this image from a previous project as I neglected to take a picture of me using my handy little tool during this project. After adding water to the paint and mixing, dip the viscosity cup into the paint and count how many seconds it takes the paint to run out of the cup. For latex paints, properly thinned paints should run out in 25-40 seconds. If you're in that timeframe, you're good. If you're not, add more water. After thinning your paint properly, spray the paint onto your piece standing about 5-10 inches away from the piece you are painting. Clean out your paint sprayer afterwards. 

Step 4

After letting the primer dry, load your paint sprayer up with your choice of paint color. Once more, remember to strain and thin the paint. Step back and spray the paint onto your furniture. I did two coats of yellow. Simple & Sunny Bookshelf Makeover I laid out my actual shelves and doors on sawhorses and tables to paint them.

Step 5

After your piece is dry, I suggest following up with a topcoat to help protect the finish. I used a satin polycrylic, which actually doesn't have to be thinned, but should be strained before putting it into your paint sprayer. I did one coat of the topcoat.

Step 6

 Isn't this one sunny bookshelf? Can't help but smile! See more on this project on Jenna's blog Rain on a Tin Roof

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