Airless Paint Sprayers

Heavy Duty Airless Paint Sprayer by HomeRight

 When choosing an airless paint sprayer for your projects, consider these five important things:

  1. Watts – The higher the wattage, the better able the paint sprayer will be to handle thick materials with ease. Paint sprayers range from 80 watts (great for thin materials such as stain) to 120 watts (great for the thickest of materials). 
  2. Flow or Gallons per Hour – This determines how quickly the paint will lay down on the project. 
  3. Square Feet per Hour – Knowing this helps determine how fast a project can be completed with the paint sprayer. 
  4. Materials – Most sprayers call out which materials are best utilized with which sprayers. Consider both current and future projects to determine the best paint sprayer for your needs. Paint sprayers can spray a range of thin to thick materials, such as: semi-transparent stain, clear wood preservative, water sealer, varnish, oil-based paint, oil-based stain, or latex paint (depending on the power of the unit)
  5. Type of Project – Sprayer packaging should also list if it is best for light, medium, heavy or extra heavy-duty projects. If you want a fine finish, then an HVLP sprayer is the best sprayer for your needs as this sprayer features a fine finish with minimal overspray. Again, consider both current and future projects when choosing the best paint sprayer for your needs.