3/4” Premium Roller Cover

Perfect Design
HomeRight’s perforated, shed resistant, 3/4” roller covers have superior, amazing quality for your paint roller. The roller cover nap is made of durable, long lasting polyester, which lays down the perfect coat of paint on your surface. The rugged roller cover core is made of long-wearing polypropylene that will fit with the PaintStick, PaintStick EZ-Twist and similar products. 

Great Coverage
This 3/4” roller cover performs best on textured walls and rough ceilings. The roller covers are 9” long and are best used with latex and oil-based paints and primers. Painting your home interior has never been easier!
Paint Flows from the Inside Out
Use this roller cover to provide even, flawless coverage to your painting surface. The roller cover core has perforated holes, which allow the paint to saturate the nap from the inside. In addition, the PaintStick and PaintStick EZ-Twist hold paint directly in the handle, which means no roller tray is required when painting. No drips and no mess makes this the perfect home painting tool.

Better Design and Material
Our roller covers are easily comparable to other brands, but have the added feature of being shed-resistant. Fibers stay on the roller covers (not the wall), giving you a high-quality finish every time.  
  • Perforated flow-through design
  • Standard 9” length
  • Also available in 3/8” nap
  • Easy to clean (roller cleaner sold separately)
  • Color of roller cover may vary