HomeRight Auto-Wash Stick
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Fill Auto-Wash Stick with water in a bucket
HomeRight Auto-Wash Stick
HomeRight Auto-Wash Stick
HomeRight AutoWash Stick on SUV
HomeRight AutoWash Stick on boat
HomeRight Auto-Wash Stick

Auto Wash Stick

Save Money by Washing Your Vehicle at Home
The Auto-Wash Stick is a great way to wash your vehicle while conserving water and limiting excessive soap waste. Much like a syringe, it draws cleaning solution into the handle and out through the Lambswool bonnet with a simple push of the handle. 

Don’t Fight the Hose
No more wasted water running down your driveway. Simply fill a bucket with approximately 1 gallon of soapy water and clean your vehicle the easy way. 
Draw Cleaning Solution into Handle
Draw 18 ounces of water into the handle by immersing the head into a bucket of soapy water and pulling the inner handle. 

Push to Deliver Soapy Water
Feed the clean water to your surface with the push of the inner handle. 

Soft Lambswool Bonnet
The 9” Lambswool curved head is aggressive enough to scrub dirt, yet soft enough to safely clean all surfaces on a vehicle. 

Variety of Uses
The Auto Wash Stick can be used to clean many items around your home such as boats, RVs, siding and outdoor furniture.
Keep your car looking clean by using the Auto Wash Stick to quickly give it a quality wash. The Auto Wash Stick can extend to 56 inches, providing added reach for tall vehicles. 

Store your boat properly by cleaning off seaweed and invasive species after a relaxing day on the lake. 

Recreational Vehicles
Keep your recreational vehicle looking clean and well-maintained after a camping trip or long drive by using the Auto Wash Stick.
  • Holds 18 ounces of material
  • 56 inch reach
  • 9” wide head
  • Backed by a two-year warranty

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