Auto Wash EZI Dry Combo Pack
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Auto Wash EZI Dry in use

AutoWash Stick with Squeegee C900190.M


Combines two great products into one. First conserve water by washing your vehicle with one gallon of water.  The AutoWash Stick holds 16 ounces of cleaning solution in the handle, no need to connect to a garden hose. The AutoWash Stick provides added reach for hard to reach areas. The flexible synthetic lambwool mit head conforms to curves meaning it will clean but will not scratch the surface. The AutoWash Stick is great for at home use or on the go auto cleaning, no garden hose required for use.

The EZIDRY Squeege is a quick and easy way to dry off your auto once you have completed washing.  The flexible twin blade contours to surfaces to aid in quickly removing beaded up water. EZIDRY will not scratch surfaces, leaving a streak- free shine. The EZIDRY squeegee has other household uses such as removing moisture from windows, ceramic tile and shower walls.


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