Deck Pro 3 Gallon Tank Sprayer


For extra large projects the HomeRight Deck-Pro 3 Gallon Tank Sprayer is a great solution, offering a versatile tank that is equipped with a shoulder strap that makes it convenient to carry all over the yard. The HomeRight Deck-Pro 3 Gallon (11.35 Liters) translucent polyethylene-tank makes liquid viewing easy. The funnel top makes filling easy for liquids such as; wood preservatives, stains, sealers, deck cleaners, semi-transparent stains, pesticides, weed killer and insecticides; however is not intended for use with thick or latex materials. The spray wand has a locking trigger for continuous spraying and accommodates two nozzles; the cone nozzle provides adjustable spray patterns while the flat fan nozzle provides a wide - even spray pattern. The Deck-Pro 3 Gallon Tank Sprayer features a chemical resistant seal. To safely depressurize the tank simply press the pressure-relief valve on the top of the tank. Chemically resistant seals are compatible with paint thinner and mineral spirits. The multi-use Deck-Pro 3 Gallon Tank Sprayer capacity is great for large to extra large projects such as; decks, fences, patios, driveways, sidewalks, lawns and gardens. 



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