Deck Pro 5" Fence Stainer Stain Applicator
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Deck Pro 5" Fence Stainer Stain Applicator
Deck Pro 5" Fence Stainer Stain Applicator

Deck Pro 5" Fence Stainer

Easily paint your fences with the 5" Fence Stainer. The 5" flexible core underneath the pad allows the applicator to conform to the wood, providing a smooth, even stain finish. The threaded handle has a connector that easily attaches to an extension pole, making the staining process easier. This tool is similar to a brush and can get to hard to reach areas such as underneath railings. The pad holds up to approximately 1.9 oz of stain. Replacement pads are available under part number C800964.

HomeRight Pad Advantages
HomeRight's revolutionary StainLoc pads have tightly woven bristles that pick up stain with less dripping. The pad holds stain close to the surface and applies stain evenly, providing great coverage. Brush-like bristles (18,000 per square inch) work stain into the wood providing superior penetration. The pad is backed with durable tear resistant foam and held in place with chemical resistant adhesive.

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