Digital Temperature Heat Gun


The HomeRight Digital Temperature Heat Gun is the tool of choice for a regular Do-it-Yourselfer. The digital display on the back of the gun allows the user to control the temperature from 120 degrees to 1020 degrees F with the click of a button. This heat gun casing is made of poly carbonate, which can withstand large temperature swings without breaking or cracking. The Digital Temperature Heat Gun comes with an all purpose scraper which is great for removing paint and varnish. It also comes with four nozzle attachments that are made of plated steel. Heat gun comes with a blow molded case for easy storage of heat gun.  Common projects include removing:

  • paint
  • urethane
  • varnish
  • vinyl tile
  • laminates
  • stickers

This affordable and multi-purpose tool can be used for a multitude of other projects as well, including: 

  • craft applications
  • distressing
  • embossing
  • forming hockey stick blades
  • loosening bolts
  • soldering
  • thawing frozen items
  • weather-proofing