Electro Light Fire Starter Charcoal Grill, BBQ Grill lighter
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Electrolight fire starter
Start by holding the ElectroLight to the Charcoal
Light Charcoal without lighter fluid
Light a wood burning fireplace with the ElectroLight
Light a fire pit with the ElectroLight
Electrolight trigger

ElectroLight Fire Starter


No lighter fluid...no butane...just a safe and easy way to start a fire! The ElectroLight functions by expelling super-hot, 1300°F temperature air that ignites the flames, and then fans them with a built-in blower. It is guaranteed to light every time, even in the windiest conditions. The ElectroLight is great for lighting charcoal, fire pits, wood stoves and fireplaces. The best part is that the ElectroLight can get your fire or charcoal roaring in 2-3 minutes with no need for lighter fluid or other starter chemicals. The red start trigger also has a built-in safety feature to protect yourself and the Electrolight. This is basically fire re-discovered.