ElectroLight Fire and Charcoal Starter
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How it works: Start by holding the ElectroLight to the charcoal and pull the trigger
After 15-30 seconds: When sparks become visible, pull the tip back and let the blower fuel the flames
After 2-3 Minutes: the fire or charcoal will be ready to go
Light a wood burning fireplace with the ElectroLight Fire Starter
The ElectroLight works great for starting campfires
Light a fire pit with the ElectroLight Fire Starter
Easily light wood burning stoves using the ElectroLight Fire Starter
ElectroLight Fire Starter
How the ElectroLight Fire Starter Works

ElectroLight Fire Starter and Charcoal Starter

Hot Air Fire Starter
Are you ready for a night of grilling burgers or making s'mores over a roaring fire? The ElectroLight is here to help. The ElectroLight allows you to easily light your charcoal barbecue, wood burning fireplace, campfire or fire pit in 2-3 minutes. It uses 1300 degree temperature hot air to ignite your wood or charcoal. That's two times the temperature required to ignite wood. The built-in blower then fans the flames to the desired level of fire needed, saving more time for doing what you love. The durable heating element, motor, and switch will last you for thousands of lights.
Thermal Safety Switch
The ElectroLight has a special thermal protection feature. If the unit reaches an exceedingly high temperature that might damage the unit, the automatic thermal switch will be engaged and the unit will shut off. This can happen when the unit is running for extended periods or when excess heat has built up in the heating chamber. In approximately 15-20 minutes, the ElectroLight will be cooled down enough to restart. 
  • Starts a fire in 2-3 minutes
  • Heats up to 1300°F
  • Chemical free
  • Built-in blower
  • 10 ft. long heavy-gauge grounded power cord