HomeRight Finish Max Pro Fine Finish Sprayer
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Finish Max Pro Brass Needle
Finish Max Pro Spray Gun
Extra Container and Lid

Finish Max Pro Fine Finish Sprayer


The NEW HomeRight Finish Max Pro Fine Finish Sprayer is a step up from the HomeRight Finish Max, meaning more power allows for a finer atomization of paint or stain. It lays down a professional grade finish with minimal overspray and is ideal for larger projects like kitchen cabinets and furniture. The two way spray pattern setting on the spray gun ensures precise control for horizontal and vertical spraying. The lightweight spray gun connects to the turbine with a 15-foot locking hose allowing the user to move around their project easily. User controlled paint regulator on the spray gun, allows for a 1" to 6" spray pattern. Plus the Finish Max Pro comes with an extra paint or stain container and a lid. 

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