Finish Max Tune Up Kit

Everything You Need to Keep on Painting
Replace parts of your Finish Max with this helpful Tune-Up Kit. The Tune-Up Kit comes with all of the parts you need to continue painting or staining.
7 Accessories Included
The Tune-Up Kit comes with a 27 ounce replacement container, container lid, two air filters, foam splash guard, suction tube and cleaning brush.
Factory-like Finish in Less Time
The Finish Max paint sprayer has proven to be a great Do-It-Yourself tool and by maintaining your sprayer, it’ll serve you for years to come.
Replace your Finish Max air filters regularly for improved airflow and performance. Once your filters start to look worn and dirty, it’s time for a change.
Pick-up Tube
Did you misplace your Pick-Up Tube? Replace it with the one included in the Tune-up Kit. Simply pop it into place and you’re ready to go.
Foam Splash Guard
The Foam Splash Guard creates a tight seal that allows air to flow into the pressurized cup. To prevent leaking, you should replace a worn or torn splash guard.
Cleaning Brush
Use the included cleaning brush to quickly remove dried paint or stain, remove blockages and keep your paint sprayer in flawless, working condition.
Having an extra paint container makes it easy to switch between colors and store paint or stain between projects.
The lid for the Finish Max container provides a tight seal to safely store your paint or stain for future Do-It-Yourself projects or touchups.
  • Works only with the Finish Max paint sprayer (C800766.M or C900076.M)
  • Save money when rebuilding a Finish Max
  • Easily replaceable parts