HomeRight LED Heat Gun
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LED Heat Gun display
C900153 LED Heat Gun Wire Connector
C900153 LED Heat Gun Bend PVC
C900153 LED Heat Gun remove labels or stickers
C900153 LED Heat Gun Rusted Bolt
C900153 LED Heat Gun Removing Paint

HomeRight LED Heat Gun

Perfect Tool for Removing, Bending, Thawing, Scraping and More!
Professional Capabilities for the Do-It-Yourselfer
The HomeRight LED Heat Gun is a useful tool to have around the home. It's great to use for everything from easy crafting projects to tough home improvement tasks.
Complete Countless Projects
There is no limit to what projects you can complete with the LED Heat Gun. It can help you remove paint, varnish and stickers or you can use it for distressing and embossing work. 
Wide Temperature Range
The HomeRight LED Heat Gun's electronically controlled LED display comes with 12 temperature settings ranging from low (104 degrees F) to High (1022 degrees F).
Package Includes:
  • LED Heat Gun
  • Long-lasting plated steel nozzle installed on gun
  • Scraper blade and handle (2 pieces)
  • Four plated steel nozzles: Concentrator nozzle, defector nozzle, flat nozzle, and hook nozzle
Digital Temperature Display
The temperature control buttons allow you to dial in the perfect heat setting for your project. Six temperature indictor LED lights for each heat setting gives the user a total of 12 different temperature settings ranging from 104 degrees F to 1022 degrees F. Two stage switch allows the user to select between low and high fan speed. You can easily customize your heat output with the click of a button. The LED Heat Gun includes a cool down setting that allows the gun to completely cool before storage. This unique feature protects both the heat gun and the user.
Product Available in Early 2019