Paint Roller Cleaning Kit

Eliminates the Headache of Cleaning
The worst part of painting is usually the clean-up that comes afterwards, but with the Paint Roller Cleaning Kit you’ll have the job done quick and easy. Rather than struggling to clean your roller covers and paint brushes, the Paint Roller Cleaning Kit provides the perfect, uncomplicated solution. Use this two-in-one kit to have the job done in a fraction of the time that it normally takes to clean.
Roller Cleaner
The Roller Cleaner attaches directly to a standard sink faucet or garden hose, allowing you to clean your roller covers nearly anywhere. Once you turn on the faucet or hose, the Roller Cleaner’s unique design allows water to hit all sides of the roller cover, making sure all of the paint is thoroughly removed. With the water running, slide the roller cover down into the ring and move it up and down until the water is clear and all paint is removed. It’s that easy.
Handy Painter's Tool
Use the circular end of the Handy Painter’s Tool to push up to 60% of remaining paint in your roller cover back into the paint can in a single pass. The comb end of the Handy Painter’s Tool is great for removing excess paint from brushes. It can also be used to comb out dried or caked-on paint, keeping your bristles straight and ready for next time. The flat side of the Handy Painter’s Tool can be used as a putty knife to fill holes or to scrape rough wall surfaces and get them ready for paint.
  • Perfect for use with the PaintStick or PaintStick EZ-Twist (sold separately)
  • Great for cleaning the HomeRight 3/8” and 3/4” roller covers (sold separately)
  • Can also be used to clean similar, competitive rollers and brushes
Product in package may differ slightly from that pictured.
NOTE: Check your local city ordinances for proper paint disposal instructions.