HomeRight Pro 5.5 Medium Duty Sprayer
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HomeRight® Pro 5.5 Medium Duty Sprayer
HomeRight® Pro 5.5 Medium Duty Sprayer
HomeRight® Pro 5.5 Medium Duty Sprayer

Pro 5.5 Medium Duty Sprayer


Are you one of those do-it-yourselfers with an ever-growing painting project list? If you are, the HomeRight Pro 5.5 Paint Sprayer is the best value sprayer for you. The Pro 5.5 Power Paint Sprayer comes with nine accessories and multiple tips. Just pull the trigger to effortlessly release a consistent spray of paint, stain or wood sealer to cover: walls, ceilings, fences, wicker furniture, shutters and anything else paint brushes can’t reach.

The sprayer’s powerful motor applies up to five gallons of paint or stain in under an hour. The Pro 5.5 Sprayer can be used with thin materials, such as: semi-transparent stain, clear wood preservative, water sealer varnish, oil-based paint, oil-based stain, or latex paint. You can also use it with the heaviest liquid finishes and formulas. This multi-purpose sprayer also connects to a paint container with a five-foot suction tube and draw paint directly from the container.


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