Rapid Clean for the Finish Max Sprayer

Maintain Your Sprayer for Long-Lasting Performance
Keep your Finish Max or Super Finish Max running smoothly for years by using the Rapid Clean. This helpful cleaning tool is an easy way to tidy up your sprayer after each project. 

The Quickest Way to Wash Your Sprayer
To ensure repeated, reliable performance, you should clean your paint sprayer after each use. The Rapid Clean functions by quickly and effectively flushing your paint sprayer with water to remove any leftover or dried paint. 
Step 1
Attach the clear tube to the sprayer’s pickup tube and secure with the hose clamp. 
Step 2
Screw the faucet attachment to a utility sink faucet or garden hose.
Step 3
Reinsert the pickup tube into the cylinder housing on the sprayer.
Step 4
Turn on the water and pull the trigger to flush the unit. WARNING: Never plug sprayer into power outlet when using the Rapid Clean.
Comes With:
• Finish Max suction tube
• Hose
• 2 clamps
• Faucet attachment
• Paint Sprayers sold separately