HomeRight Small Spray Shelter portable
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Spray lamps or other home decor items in the spray shelter
HomeRight Tabletop spray shelter
HomeRight Table top Spray shelter
Small Spray Shelter Measurements
Small Spray Shelter storage bag

Small Spray Shelter


Quickly set up this small, temporary spray shelter to spray lamps, wood crates, home decor, and other accessories! The HomeRight Small Spray Shelter provides an area to spray paint quickly and easily while limiting the overspray drift on other items in your project area. This shelter is great for spraying small to medium size pieces with spray cans or paint sprayers like the Finish Max. The portable, lightweight spray shelter design makes it easy to position on a tabletop, floor or workbench. The three-sided unit, with built-in bottom and rear vent helps control overspray and airflow. 

Also available in larger size, see Spray Shelter product details. 


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