Small Spray Shelter with Filter and Fan
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Small Spray Shelter with Filter and Fan

Small Spray Shelter with Ventilation System Option


The Small Spray Shelter now comes with a ventilation option for easy paint spraying. This pop-up enclosure is quick and easy to set up; ventilation in a temporary spray booth can reduce airborne levels of aerosols, mists and vapors generated while spraying paint. This Spray Shelter has two straps on the front to hold a Merv 8 filter. The filter can help ventilate the air while spraying (filter not included). The backside of the Spray Shelter also has two black elastic straps for holding a 20" x 20" standard box fan. The fan will reduce the amount of airborne overspray and help ventilate the spraying area (box fan not included). This Spray Shelter can also be sealed using the back flap to spray without a fan and filter attached.

Warning: do not use with combustible materials or flammable liquids.

Product will be available in 2018