HomeRight C900146 Spray Shelter Air Flow (Optional Fan & Filter Attachment)

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The HomeRight Spray Shelter - Air Flow provides the perfect area to spray paint or stain on a variety of small to medium sized Do-It-Yourself projects. The spray shelter has dimensions of 35” W x 30” D x 39” H.


How to Fold a Spray Shelter
How to Fold a Spray Shelter Video


  • The straps on this Spray Shelter allow the user to add a 20" x 20" fan and a 20" x 20" Merv 8 filter for improved air flow and ventilation (fan and filter not included)
  • This shelter provides a safe area for your painting or staining project to dry, but you can also utilize the fan and filter feature to ensure that dust is sucked into the filter rather than onto your project.
  • Utilizing the fan and filter feature allows for better air flow in your work area because all of the airborne paint or stain particles will be drawn directly into the filter rather than into your breathing area.
  • Being portable and lightweight, this pop-up Spray Shelter can easily be maneuvered and placed on a workbench, floor, or counter top.
  • WARNING: Explosion Hazard Do not spray flammable paints or materials while using an exhaust fan. Spray only water-based products.

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