Medium Spray Shelter

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Reduce overspray drift with the Medium Spray Shelter. Quickly set up this temporary paint booth to spray medium-sized projects such as nightstands, small dressers and chairs. The Medium spray shelter has dimensions of 4'7” W x 4'7” D x 5'6” H.

Three Sided Design - The curved, three-sided unit design has a built-in bottom and rear vent to help control overspray and regulate airflow and this portable, lightweight Spray Shelter makes it easy to position on a garage or shop floor. It naturally pops up into position to be used almost instantly.


How to Fold a Spray Shelter
How to Fold a Spray Shelter Video


  • This portable spray shelter can also be used to provide a safe space for non-painting projects like sanding to keep dust from spreading.
  • The Medium Spray Shelter provides an area to spray paint easily while limiting the overspray drift on other items in your project area.
  • The Spray Shelter can be set up and taken down in minutes and packs up into the small bag provided for easy storage.
  • When you’re finished painting, simply take down your spray tent and keep it in the storage bag to use for next time.

Parts and Accessories

P/N C818032
Replacement stake for HomeRight Spray Shelter

Replacement stake for HomeRight Spray Shelter

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P/N C818030
Storage bag for Spray Shelter

Storage bag for Spray Shelter

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P/N C900086.M
Turn Table for Spraying

Turn Table for Spraying

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