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Staining by hand with a brush can be tedious and time consuming, but the StainStick will have your staining project completed in a fraction of the time. 
Toss your roller trays because now you have the StainStick! This staining tool holds stain directly in the handle, eliminating the mess of going back and forth to refill on stain.
Simply attach the StainStick to the fill tube and draw up the stain or sealer like a syringe. The handle is clear so you’ll always know how much stain you have left.


  • Stain travels into the stain pad from the inside to fill the pad for even application. The pad is 7” wide, which is the perfect size for staining a regular sized board in one sweep.
  • The StainStick handle extends to 56 inches, providing further reach and reducing the back fatigue of bending over while staining.
  • Durable handle holds 18 oz. of stain for less refilling
  • Includes StainStick, fill tube and stain pad
  • Replacement pads available
  • Backed by a two-year warranty

Parts and Accessories

P/N C800406
HomeRight StainStick Replacement Pad

HomeRight StainStick Replacement Pad

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