Steam Machine Accessory Pack


This SteamMachine accessory pack gives you all you need to clean your home with steam. Level up your SteamMachine Model 52 with this kit to make it just like the SteamMachine Model 53.  Or purchase this item for a refresh to your current SteamMachine. The 11 piece kit includes:

  • Microfiber chenille mop pad
  • Microfiber cleaning pad
  • Jet nozzle
  • Straight Adaptor
  • Squeegee & Fabric Steamer & Bonnet
  • Small brass brush
  • Large brass brush
  • Small nylon brush
  • Large nylon brush

That's a $50 value. 

To be used with HomeRight SteamMachine models 52, 53 or 54.  All attachments fit onto straight adaptor for quick change. 

Compatible with C800880 SteamMachine model. Household use only.