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Clean ovens with the SteamMachine
Clean sinks with the SteamMachine
Clean countertops with the SteamMachine
Clean appliances with the SteamMachine
Clean floors with the SteamMachine
Clean bathrooms with the SteamMachine
Remove wallpaper with the SteanMachine
Clean grills with the SteamMachine

SteamMachine Model 53

Make Your Home Sparkle
If you’re looking for a quick and easy way to clean your home’s bathrooms, kitchen, tiles, and windows, look no further! The SteamMachine is a great, chemical-free way to make your home look brand new again. 

Clean Your Home with the Power of Steam
The SteamMachine uses pressurized, high-temperature steam to loosen and dissolve dirt, cut grease and grime, expel stains, and sanitize your surface by killing 99% of bacteria. This steamer is versatile and can be used for a wide variety of household cleaning projects.

Includes Multiple Attachments 
Get the most out of this portable steamer by using the included attachments to steam clean various areas of your home. This SteamMachine comes with 17 accessories and pieces: the SteamMachine, microfiber cleaning towel, angled adaptor for large brush, 2 extension wands, measuring cup, funnel, large cleaning brush, chenille mop pad, straight adaptor, squeegee and fabric steamer, jet nozzle, small brass brush, small nylon brush, large nylon brush, microfiber cleaning pad and a fabric bonnet for the fabric steamer. 
Once the SteamMachine is turned on and water is added, the unit takes approximately 8 minutes to build pressure and heat up.

Heat and Pressure
When the steam pressure is built and the trigger is pulled, the SteamMachine delivers up to 290°F of steam to the surface using 55 psi of pressure. 

Releases Dirt and Grime
The steam allows deep dirt and grime to release. The included microfiber towel can then be used to wipe away the dirty residue so that you’re left with a shining, new surface. 
  • 35-45 minutes of continuous steam
  • Delivers up to 290° F
  • 55 psi maximum pressure
  • 6 ft. steam hose length
  • Tank holds up to 40 oz. of distilled water
  • Backed by a two-year warranty

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