Turn Table for Spraying

Great for Rotating a Variety of Projects
Spray paint your projects using the revolving turn table. This stand makes it simple to spray paint at all angles of lamps, frames, and other decorative items. It can also be used for a variety of craft projects.

Perfect Design 
The 11” diameter and sturdy construction is perfect for holding all of your painting or decorating projects. At a height of 3”, it provides the ideal amount of space for your hand to freely spin the wheel. The concentric circles etched into the wheel of the turn table help center your item for perfect rotation. 
Craft Projects
Use this helpful painting tool to revolve your craft project as you paint. The turn table provides smooth rotation when needed, but will not spin while spraying. 
Cake Decorating
Apply creative frosting designs by using the turn table to rotate your delicious creation. This hands-free option is a great way to avoid touching the cake while decorating. 
Detailed Work
The turn table allows intricate pieces to be painted and designed, eliminating the worry of touching a freshly painted surface. Great for figurine painting, model building, sculpting and more!
  • 11” diameter and 3” tall
  • Can hold up to 15 lbs. comfortably
  • Use with the Small Spray Shelter to protect your surrounding area (sold separately)
  • Paint with the Finish Max or Super Finish Max paint sprayers for easy painting (sold separately)